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*NEWEST MIX* – SAVAGE MINI-MiX #0024 – released 12/01/2016

Remastering of Gift of Fax EP, CD and Vinyl Re-Release

That’s right, you read correctly.. my latest release will soon be available on Vinyl and CD. You’ll be able to purchase them directly here at DJSavage.Com. Don’t worry, I’ll make them as affordable as possible. The Vinyl release will have 1-2 unreleased tracks that you won’t even be able to find here.

Just a little housekeeping here first today. I know that a lot of you may know that I’ve been fighting to preserve my ‘name’ for some time now. DJ Savage is actually my real name and I’ve been using it as my ‘stage name’ as well since I was 16 (forever ago it seems). Anyway, we’ve won a small victory today. Spotify has cleaned up their catalog and now exclusively showcases my works instead of other mixing it with others trying to use my name. I know I’m not super famous or anything so I get that one could use a dj name without thinking twice about who else is using it. But that’s also why trademarks exist. If you are reading this and you are one of the artists who previously released music under this name, just understand that this is a business and my name is my brand. I’ve spent the better part of 15+ years developing it and I have to make sure that my fans aren’t confused. If someone hears one of my tracks or finds me online but it’s not actually me then that tarnishes my name regardless of how good your music is.. it just doesn’t fit with what I’m creating and marketing. Please contact me directly if you have any questions, I’m always open to talking further.

Vinyl Release of Gift of Fax EP

Anyway… now that that has been addressed there’s some great things going on as well. I have began work on re-mastering my latest EP, Gift of Fax for CD and Vinyl release. I’m hoping to have these available for purchase before the end of the year. If you know me in person, just ask and I’ll get you a ‘discounted’ copy if you’d like. As much as I’d love to give them out for free, I rely on your support for these projects. If you’d like to support what I do in the meantime, please consider helping me out via my Patreon page:

I will also soon make available for members (level 2 and 3 only) .flac versions of the Gift of Fax EP as well. If you’re not a member yet, head on over to the members area to sign up. Details to follow on the addition of high quality paid downloads, and the introduction of level 2 and 3 memberships. The first 100 to sign up for Level one (totally free) will get grandfathered into all future levels to show my appreciation for your early support.

That’s all for now, there’s a lot more but I’ve got to get back to the studio. Ciao!



-DJ Savage | 12/19/2016

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Update #0003

Finally the new website has launched! I’ve been working hard behind the scenes designing and working out all of the kinks. The general idea is to provide a repository for my true fans of all past/current/future projects. Some of my projects may be out on the fringe and not be what you’re used to. As I build this community, I hope to get feedback from you all (good and bad) on my work.

Huge things planned for 2017, but before 2016 is up I’ve got several mixes and mini-tracks that I’ll be putting up. If you’re a supporter or member then you’ll get to hear everything at least a week early!

Thanks to everyone for making this a huge success. You rock!

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Update #0002

Almost done with the main structure of the website and have a lot more planned. Almost to the point where I can seriously start uploading tons of content for the members section. If you’re already a member, hang tight it will be worth the wait.

At first I’ll be putting up all the tracks that you can stream for free and then as I am able I’ll have links to the high quality downloads.

In other news, the DJ SAVAGE trademark registration is official! Just have a few more legal hurdles to jump through to get it all wrapped up (which could take over a year).

For members I have a new mix that I’ll be dropping to the public on 12/1 that you can go ahead and listen to in the member area.. so log in and go check it out!

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Update #0001

Hey everyone thanks so much for checking out the new website, lots of great stuff going on in my world right now that I can’t wait to share with you.

If you’re not already a DJSaVaGe.Com supporter/subscriber then please head over to the members area right now to sign up. It’s 100% free and will feature unreleased works, b-sides, collabs, remixes and other rare content. You’ll also get updates from me on new shows, projects, and releases!

Until next time guys/gals…

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